Full-Stack Developer at SMATRICS,
former Sergeant/E5 at the Austrian Armed Forces

"The founders of Beyond are a big reason why I am currently in the Software Development sector, I can only recommend learning from them. Not only did they teach me the technical aspect of programming, but also the tactical aspect of it (in terms of advanced problem solving skills). I was also learning a lot of soft skills from them, which gave me a significant advantage against other applicants for the same position. Not only would I relearn from both of them, but I would also trust in their professionality in building a curriculum and a learning platform with the best outcome possible for their students! If you consider signing up, do it. There is no perfect day to start your journey in the tech industry, so you might just choose today as that day."


Full-stack Software Developer at IBB Adaptive Solutions,
Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at Emarsys

"I couldn't have asked for better mentors. I've never studied anything IT related before and with their support I managed to change careers within just one year. If someone is looking to learn how to code or to improve their coding skills with the help of supportive, knowledgeable and enthusiastic people, I can only recommend them!"


Web Developer at Arkulpa GmbH,
Regional Manager at Escape Events Austria GmbH

"Learning to program means one thing above all: a lot of frustration, headaches, despair and occasional nervous breakdowns. But with Emad and Guillermo it means one thing above all: fun. Confidence. Success. It's unbelievable how the two of them managed to turn a 'That's too much for me' or a 'I'll never understand that' into a 'Yes, I can do that' in a very short time. It's like witchcraft. With a lot of patience, know-how and empathy, they manage to untie the right knots in the brain and make *everything* possible. I owe them everything."


Full Stack Software Engineer at Schmutterer & Partner Information Technology GmbH,
Sales at COMAT-LeasingGmbH

"I had the privilege of learning from Emad and El for approximately 6 months. This period was undeniably the most influential and intense phase of my journey toward becoming a Full Stack Developer. From simple morning rituals that cultivated class camaraderie to their profound expertise, concluding with delightful post-class card games - every aspect enriched my experience. I would not be where I am today without Emad and El. Thank you guys!"


ABAP Developer at Österreichische Lotterien,
Accountant at PORR AG

"Unforgettable Teachers! The one-year training as a Full-Stack Developer was a true blessing, thanks to Emad and El's fascinating teaching methods. I only came to truly appreciate what genuine teachers are once I met them. The approach of El and Emad is incomparable. The knowledge I gained from them still resides vividly in my mind, and I can apply it in my daily work routine. With their years of programming experience, they effortlessly elucidate concepts using real-life examples, making connections much easier to grasp. In conclusion, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to both of you once again, emphasizing that your support and instruction have been invaluable to me. I will always cherish your guidance and wisdom, carrying them with me on my journey ahead."


Junior Web Developer at Schrack Technik GmbH,
Trainer at Vienna Internation Airport Security Services

"During our time working together, I didn't just gain technical knowledge; I discovered a passion for problem-solving and a knack for thinking outside the box. Beyond isn't just about knowing programming languages and technologies — it's about sharing that knowledge in a way that truly connects. Through hands-on examples and thought-provoking challenges, they encouraged us to push past conventional limits and explore new, innovative solutions. What truly struck me was their unwavering patience, empathy, and support. No matter how tough things got, they were always there, cheering us on and helping us grow our skills. I can honestly say that Beyond has made a profound impact on me. Their dedication to nurturing technical abilities and fostering creative problem-solving is truly inspiring. I'm immensely grateful for the invaluable lessons and motivation they've provided through their mentorship."


Software Engineer at Porsche Informatik GmbH,
Sales at Saniaer Express

"Emad and El (Guillermo) are more than developers; they are friends who want you to succeed. They will help you improve by showing you not only how to code but, more importantly, how to design. While El will show you how to write your story as code, Emad will teach you how to approach your code. There is no question they can't answer! After spending time with them, you will have fun and become smarter, too. In the world of coding, they're not just mentors; they're the lighthouses guiding us through the stormy seas of syntax and the fog of functions. They showed me how to love what I am doing today, thank you!"


C# / .NET Fullstack Entwicklerin at HDI Versicherung AG,
Senior-Lehrkraft at Lernquadrat

"I highly recommend my exceptional code mentors! They are truly great people and phenomenal teachers. I wouldn't be here without their guidance. They not only helped me learn to code but also become more confident in my skills."


Full-Stack Developer at Trenkwalder,
Freelancer in Media (Text, Audio, Production)

"Learning to code with Guillermo was an absolute pleasure. While I was always interested in software development, actual code seemed like arcane alchemy to me. Guillermo's curriculum however was so well structured, that it basically trivialized my previous reservations. It was easy to follow, tackling one topic at a time, making sure that each block of knowledge was securely anchored. This laid a really solid foundation on which one could then build their new career as a developer. And even though I didn't fully appreciate it at the time, his incessancy on clean coding helped me develop a skill my colleagues very much appreciate these days."


Software Engineer at Porsche Informatik,
Divemaster at Kalypso Dive Center Crete

"I used to feel intimidated by the word IT and now i marvel every day at how much fun i have at my new job. In my opinion Emad and El are one of the best mentors you can find. One of the biggest advantages to gain is: learning the most up to date technologies alongside with the best practices, so you can start your new job with confidence, being on the same level or even more skilled as most peer uni graduates. Both mentors not only guide you every step of the way, but what is far more important is that they keep your motivation to learn high at all times."


Junior Software Developer, PwC Austria,
Office Clerk, Notariat Mag. Stefan

"Guillermo has been the best mentor I could have wished for. With his years of expertise as a developer as well as an educator, not only does he have the expertise but also a gift for making complex concepts accessible. He always took the time to understand my motivations and struggles on a personal level and it is this empathetic approach that made learning feel intuitive and supported."


Frontend Web Developer and UX/UI Designer,
Motion and Screen Designer

"Working with Guillermo and Emad on Software Development was a game-changer for me. It wasn't just about the code; it was about thinking differently, solving problems like a true developer. Every session was packed with insights and real-world challenges that pushed me beyond my limits. They have this unique way of making complex stuff seem easy and fun. Super stoked about their new project — it's definitely the place to be for anyone looking to seriously level up their skills."


Junior Software Developer at Austrian Standards,
Sales Assistent , K&Ö

"During my journey to becoming a Junior Software Developer, Emad Easa and Guillermo Herrero have been instrumental in supporting and guiding me. Their combination of empathy, patience and their talent for explaining complex topics in a simple and practical way made learning an inspiring adventure. Thanks to their teaching methods, I was able to develop a deeper understanding of programming. Their mentorship not only sharpened my technical skills, but also taught me important values such as collaboration and resilience. Their tireless support and encouragement have helped me not to give up and have motivated me to always seek out new challenges. Their passion for software development and their ability to convey this enthusiasm have inspired me greatly. Their remarkable dedication has had a decisive influence on my professional development. I am deeply grateful that our paths crossed and that I had the opportunity to learn from them."


Software Developer Freelancer,
Pricing Manager

"With a deep interest in computer science, I decided to expand my knowledge by taking a C# Software Developer course under the guidance of Emad. Object-oriented programming was completely new territory for me at the time, but Emad's outstanding specialist knowledge and extraordinary support pulled me out of the cold water and prepared me optimally for my final project and the associated final exam throughout the entire course. Thanks to his excellent preparation, I was able to complete this with excellent success in front of an examination board. I'm currently dedicating my free time to developing my first multiplatform app, which will be released in the near future. Without Emad's professional expertise, this project would have been unthinkable. I would take a course with him again without hesitation and can wholeheartedly recommend him."


Fullstack Developer at REWE International Dienstleistungsgesellschaft m.b.H,
Head of technical department at esarom gmbh

"Guillermo and Emmad... I owe them! When I decided to give my career a 180 degree turn, and make a life changing decision, to do the things I love and have passion for - It was all about trust. And this is what they provided. Guillermo and Emmad have the talent to not only teach you complex programming paradigms, but also will enable you to divide any problems into digestible, easily understandable pieces. Thanks to them, I could make the jump into the industry - where you have to deal with a constantly evolving and complex ecosystem - being prepared with a toolset beyond just coding! Being honest, this is not an easy way, neither an easy decision to make. But you can rely on Guillermo and Emmad, providing you with guidance on this life changing journey!"


Software-Tester at Brainhero GMBH,
Quality Management at Brainhero GMBH

"Since completing the software engineering course with Emad, I have been increasingly involved in the development and testing of our therapy software. I am amazed at how much I have learned in this time. The individual discussions in particular helped me a lot to complete the course positively."


Test Automation Engineer at HDI Versicherung,
Plumber at Barwa Gmbh

"Thanks to my software developer training, I've not only gained valuable technical skills but also benefited from inspiring mentors like El and Emad. Their experience and expertise have contributed significantly to my professional and personal growth. They consistently shared their knowledge and supported me throughout my journey. These mentors have transformed my training into an incredibly enriching experience, empowering me with the confidence to excel in the field of software development."


Professional Java Developer at Federal Computing Center,
Petroleum Engineer at Alfurat Petroleum Company

"As a graduate of the training program, I can confidently say that it has equipped me perfectly for my career as a programmer in the public sector. The skills I acquired in Java technology, JSF, and Oracle have helped me to analyze and develop complex software requirements with precision. What's particularly enjoyable is the seamless collaboration with colleagues, which is not only efficient but also enjoyable. This training was a significant step in my professional development, and I am grateful for the solid preparation it provided me."


Software Developer at SoftwareWerkstatt GmbH,
Chef de Partie at Marriott International

"Their methods of teaching were one of the key elements in my journey to become a developer and work for a successful IT company. The expertise and finesse I was taught in such a short time are unparalleled and really helps you 'gain an edge over the competition'. But most importantly, the care they put into their students is incomparable."


Full Stack Developer at Bundesrechenzentrum,

"Before I crossed paths with Guillermo, programming was a world beyond my horizon—unseen and unfathomed. My journey from a novice, wandering outside the realms of technology, to a full-stack software developer at BRZ, is a testament to the profound influence of Guillermo and the enlightening curriculum he offers. In the dimmest hours of my career, Guillermo was the beacon that guided me through. His teachings did not just illuminate the path to programming; they sparked a transformation that reshaped my entire professional and personal identity. Beyond the syntaxes and scripts, he imparted the essence of critical thinking, the art of problem-solving, and the invaluable skill of effective communication. His mentorship was not confined to the boundaries of programming languages. It was a holistic grooming that equipped me with soft skills, resilience, and the adaptability required in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Under his guidance, I discovered not just a career but a calling—a passion for creating and innovating with code. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to have been his student, and I wholeheartedly endorse Beyond. For those standing where I once did, at the threshold of a daunting new world, Guillermo and his school are the guiding lights that promise not just to illuminate your path, but to escort you through it, ensuring that the journey of learning programming is as enriching and transformative as it has been for me."


Junior ERP Developer by Schrack Technik GmbH,
Football Player (FAC, Oberwart)

"I learned a lot from my two mentors (Beyond) in the IT sector. I used to think that programming was something impossible to learn, but with your support I can now create cool things myself. They not only showed me how to program, but also how to write clean code and follow the principles. Which is not a given in today's working world. This additional knowledge will make you immediately stand out from the crowd during job interviews. The tech stack was very modern and you can quickly find your way around. Be it YouTube videos or blogs. My mentors opened the door to a world where I can implement my own ideas and solve many problems. I would like to thank you again for that!"


Software Developer at Innonet ICT-Services GmbH,
Sales Assistant at Lidl Österreich GmbH

"I can only say good things about Emad and Guillermo. They have supported me actively on my path becoming a developer. They are not only good teachers but also great motivators and really good people with great knowledge. The way they explain everything makes learning easier and more enjoyable, which is especially important when learning programming."


Pega Senior System Architect at Greenfield Technology AG,
Translator at European Parliament, Luxembourg

"One time Emad called me while he was driving to help me fix a Spring Boot security issue in my code. I wasn't sure it would work at first, but it went smoothly - he asked the right questions that eventually led me to the solution. El was either a developer in a previous life, or a university professor, or both. He explained the most complex things in such a simple and often playful way that really anyone could understand it. These two guys are definitely a power duo - both professionally and personally. You'll be in good hands, let's go for that Hello World!"


Junior ERP Developer at Schrack Gmbh,
Architect at BKK3

"Mastering new technology can be challenging, but having a mentor made all the difference for me. They not only challenged me but also provided purpose and clear direction on how to approach programming. Their dedication to clean code practices played an important role in my transition to IT."


Test Automation Developer at HDI Versicherung AG,
Law Student

"Guillermo and Emad possess exceptional talent in teaching and demonstrate great proficiency in software development, enabling them to convey complex programming concepts with clarity and ease. As a former law student without any prior experience in programming, under their guidance, I learned to write clean, maintainable code using languages such as Java, JavaScript, and Python. This knowledge has proven invaluable in my role as a Test Automation Developer at HDI Versicherung AG, where I apply these skills on a daily basis. "


ICT Test Manager | Deputy Head of Testing at House of Test Gmbh,
Vocational & Educational Counselor at Bildungsberatung Burgenland

"Embarking on a journey from educational counseling to the dynamic realm of IT, I attribute my seamless transition to the rigorous Software Development course I completed. Currently thriving as an ICT Test Manager and Deputy Head of Testing at House of Test Gmbh in Switzerland, I have led test management activities on the program level and driven a culture of excellence and continuous improvement within our teams. The Software Development course was a turning point. It gave me an in-depth understanding of software development and the software development life cycle, which is vital to my ability to confront various IT challenges head-on. My toolkit—enriched with programming acumen, automation in testing and test management, and an intimate knowledge of SAFe and Agile methodologies has empowered me to spearhead projects and elevate our testing procedures. Fluent in multiple languages and equipped with robust teamwork abilities, I thrive in multinational environments, tackling complex projects with analytical precision. The Software Development course I have had the privilege of completing is an extraordinary resource I wholeheartedly endorse for those aiming to pivot their career significantly or deepen their IT expertise. It offers a comprehensive curriculum with a keen emphasis on practical skills. It is strategically structured not merely for entry into the IT world but to excel and ascend into leadership positions within the industry. My professional journey is a testament to the transformative potential of premier IT education. I look forward to celebrating the achievements of many others who will undoubtedly benefit from the exceptional value of this course, as I have."


Java Full Stack Developer at Austrian Federal Computing Centre,
Military Austria

"After sometime in the army I was on the lookout for a place to learn Java and I found a coding school where I had the greatest Java Mentor which is El. Nobody will teach you Java like him. It's not just a job for him but it's his passion to help you become the best Java developer. This really is beyond education!"


Software Developer at Agfa Healthcare NV,
Research and Teaching Assistant at Department of Mathematics, Istanbul University, Turkey

"When I decided to start a new career in software development, I had the chance to attend a coding school where the curriculum is created by Guillermo Herrero Igeno. During this programme, I have learned core principles of Java coupled with a strong foundation in object-oriented programming. Our courses are designed in a way to teach participants complex Java concepts not just theoretically but also applying these concepts in practical scenarios with hands-on projects. Beyond his technical expertise, as a mentor Guillermo has a remarkable dedication and passion to improve his students. Besides a deep understanding of technical information, he always emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and problem-solving skills, so he teaches his students how to think as a programmer and how to approach a problem step by step to solve it efficiently. Based on my experiences I can assure you that after finishing this programme you will be equipped with a strong technical background and soft skills to find a good job. So, I can only recommend it!"


Full-Stack Developer at SMATRICS,
Covid-Test Team Lead

"When I started my journey of becoming a Software Developer, I met both El and later on Emad at a programming school, where I learned how to code. Both of them were mentors there and the more I got to know them, the more I realized how good their programming as well as their problem-solving skills are. But those alone are not what make them great mentors. What makes them great mentors is that they know how to guide you towards progress instead of just solving everything for you and they know how to keep you engaged. With them as mentors I wasn't just able to get a job as a Full-Stack Developer, but I was and still am able to enjoy learning how to program. Forever grateful to them!"


Full-stack software developer at Schieneninfrastruktur-Dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbH,
Database processing and maintenance at Resch & Partner Fachärzte für Radiologie

"I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from Guillermo and Emad, two extraordinary mentors who have profoundly influenced my journey in software development. They blend their extensive expertise as software developers with a genuine zeal for nurturing talent. Through their mentorship, I not only refined my technical abilities but also acquired invaluable soft skills that have distinguished me in the competitive software development landscape. Their mentorship transcends mere coding, empowering me to approach challenges with confidence and professionalism. Guillermo and Emad embody the qualities of exceptional educators, equipping their students with the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed to thrive in today's dynamic software development industry. With confidence, I recommend them as mentors, knowing firsthand the transformative influence they have in aspiring developers."

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